Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday

Coneflowers are in bloom here in the Northeast.
This is my first year to grow these.

Blackeyed Susans is one of my favorites

Here is my herb garden. I keep it by my back door so it is ready to use.

Last year I planted this Rosemary bush. I love the fragrance. It is doing so good.
They say the smell of this keeps away bugs and mosquitoes.

This is strange. I planted these Mory Glory seeds in the spring.
I have enjoyed these all summer. Don't you think they are a pretty color.
When I got up this morning to go take my morning look at them,

LOOK what I found. One that is totally different than all the others.
Different in color and 3x's in size.
It is beautiful, don't you think. I just love surprises.

Have a great day. Go over to Jeans to see more gardeners

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Difficult Days

We all have had them and chances are we will have them again.
I hate them, but the outcomes can sometimes be good. I know life can not be pain free. Although it would be nice for things to go smoothly all the time or at least I would like to think so.
Anyway, I am having one of those days today. Difficulty with my feelings and with people. I can not avoid the pain of the words of people, but I do choose not to live in misery because of what others do.
My Mom used to always say, Consider the source. I know that when people say things they shouldn't it is sometimes their own hurts. Right now that is not helping me much. Only my Lord can take away the sting of words that people say.
In all of this is a lesson for me. I must also learn to THINK before I speak. How will my words make others feel or respond. The tongue can be a lashing whip.
As I desire to be more like Christ and become a Woman of God, I must learn to deal with life as the Word of God directs me. Therefore, I will choose to learn from this day. This is not a hurt that will be wasted, but a hurt that I choose to learn from.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Show And Tell Friday

Show and Tell

Baby girls arrived Tuesday August 5th

They are shown here at 2 days old. They are so cute.

Hard to leave them alone, But they need their rest.

They have a long trip to me from Norwalk, CT.

The 3 yellow girls are Buff Orphingtons that are great egg layers in the winter

The 3 red girls are Rhode Island Reds, great egg layers also.

These girls will not be giving any eggs until early spring.

They will be a pleasure to watch grow up.

Any name suggest greatly appreciated.

Thankful Thursday

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It is late in the day, but never too late to give THANKS to the Lord
I find it difficult today to write my THANKFULS, because there is just so much I am THANKFUL for.
The Lord is so good .
I am THANKFUL for His promises to me as His child. I know that He is taking care of me and allowing me to grow spiritually in my own special way. I know that He will always be here for me to guide and dirrect me in the right direction.
I am so THANKFUL for friends in the Lord who show their concern and love for me. It is so
special to know someone cares for you .
I am so THANKFUL that I know the Risen Saviour.
That He and the Father cared for me, to make a way out of my sin.
That mercy and Grace are mine.
I am THANKFUL that God has chosen me and given
me gifts to serve Him. That He keeps me going.
Gives me rest when needed and a push when I start slowing down too much.
THANKFUL He has given my a heart to serve.
For I know without Him I am nothing.
Without Him I can do nothing.
And with Him ALL things are possible
I am Thankful that I am in my right mind.
That I can get out of bed every morning.
That I can see, hear, speak, touch and smell.
Thankful that I have a song in my heart
and peace within.