Tuesday, January 1, 2008


There are things I should have done in 2007.
Maybe things I should have said to others, things I should have accomplished for myself
or acts of kindness I was called to do.
However, I am glad we celebrate the birth of a New Year.
It gives us all a time to focus on our lives.
Time is wasted by so many of us.
Time that could be used to bless another, more time spent in prayer with our God or time to do the things we know we should be doing.
Intead we waste time. In our lives we all have an accounted time to live. Yet we do not know how many hours we have. Is it a day, another month or many years. And still we waste our time.

Would we live differntly if we knew what our lifespan would be? Maybe, maybe not. I would like to think we would. I encourage you to take this next year to change things in your life. Do something unexpected for someone, no need to wait for a special holiday. Search our your spiritual life or develope a relation with God. No need to wait until you are on the death bed. Do something you have been planning to do but never seems to get around to it. Remember, time is going by whether we do anything or not. At the end of the year will we find ourselves in the same place as we do this time of the year? I hope not.

Let's get busy and do what is what we know we all should be doing.

Don't waste your life.