Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thankful Thursday

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I am so Thankful that whenever I read God's Word, Something always speaks to me.
He is so good .
I am Thankful that He has given me the choice to choose who to serve.
I am Thankful that His Mercy & Grace flow to me.
I am Thankful that His Word guides and directs me.
I am Thankful for my life ,
And all the opportunities I have had in it.
I am Thankful that I have a FUTURE and a HOPE through Him.
I am Thankful that I will be in Peace with Him for ALL eternity


Denise said...

May God always sweetly bless you.

Kristi said...

It is incredible that God always shows us something new in His word. We may have read the same passage for years and still see something new. Oh, His word is alive and active!

Nancie said...

You have such a sweet thankful list too. We all need this reminder. I echo your thankfulness. I am very thankful for God's mercies and grace daily and His Words that guides me. Thanks for sharing with us your thankful heart. Take care and God bless!

Charlotte said...

Wonderful thankful post.