Monday, June 2, 2008

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Today I picked up my 4 little chicks. They are 5 weeks old. Above is what they will look like full grown. I have never had chickens before. Hope this works out.
I need to build a chicken coop for them and hope to be able to post my work on it as I progress.These girls will be giving my about 2 dozen eggs a week. Guess I will be sharing them, because my DH and I will never eat that many.


Kelli said...

Enjoy your new chicks! I would love to have some chickens but they aren't allowed in our suburb. :0(

Charlotte said...

What a pretty chicken. I'll bet they lay pretty eggs. I use to love to go to the hen house when I was a little girl and would visit my grandparents farm. I remember my grandmother getting eggs out from under chickens. I thought that was pretty brave.