Friday, August 3, 2007


Show and Tell Friday

Hosted by Kelli @ There's No Place Like Home
There is no place like home

These are the lavender wands I made from the fresh lavender
I got on Eastern LI a couple of weeks age. They are really nice. You squeeze the tops and can smell the fresh lavender. I have mine stitting in a small vase.
I was told that a new harvest will be ready in a couple of weeks.
I plan to go pick lavender to make more wands.


jennifer said...

Breathtaking. I wish I could smell them!

They look so delicate.

PEA said...

Those Lavendar wants are simply gorgeous!! I love the smell of lavendar and just the other day I was in a garden that had some of it growing:-) xo

Lady_MSnow said...

I have never heard of lavender wands before. Those are neat. :)

Penless Thoughts said...

I can almost smell it from here!!

ellen b. said...

Nice. I love the smell of lavender. I like the white basket in the second photo, also. Blessings...

Barbara H. said...

So pretty, and I can imagine how fragrant they are.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I loooooove Lavendar. It is so divine.

Kelli said...

So pretty! I love lavender!


Susie said...

I love the scent of lavender!
Those are charming..

Rebecca said...

Hi Linda, the wands are lovely! Would you mind sharing your lavendar source with me? I was planning to order some online but if I could actually go pick some that would be lovely! I live in Queens by the way.